What To Expect In Your Home Inspection Report

Home Inspection

Many home inspectors are not experts at every home system but should be trained to recognize problems that need a higher qualified inspector. Home inspections are not extremely technical, they won’t tear down your air conditioning unit to inspect all the parts, but they will inspect the filters and temperature of the unit, as well as it’s manufacturing year to determine how long before the unit needs to be serviced or replaced.

When the inspection industry was young, most home inspection reports were just a simple checklist. Refrigerator works (YES/NO), one or two-page report. Checklist reports lack content, descriptions are quite often abbreviations that are hard to read and may only consist of a couple of words like “broken molding”. Some checklists were up to 4 or 5 pages, about the size of a modern inspection legal agreement.

Checklists leave a lot to the imagination, and can cause interpretations to get mixed up between buyers, agents, sellers, attorneys, contractors, etc. In the inspection industry the descriptive phrases used to describe the conditions found in the home inspection are called “narratives”. A narrative report is a lot more accurate than a checklist, because it completely describes the condition of the problem in detail, not abbreviations. Most checklist reports have been banned in many jurisdictions because they lacked detailed information on the home that often results in legal issues.

From a liability perspective, narrative reports are considered much safer than a checklist report because they state the conditions of the home systems in a much clearer communication.

Reporting Software

In the past, when computers were too difficult to use and expensive to buy, home inspections reports were handwritten. But as the computer age has come on, home inspection software has hit the market.

Using a home inspection program on the computer, a home inspector can choose from a plethora of organized boilerplate narratives that they can add or edit depending on the local conditions. Using modern narrative software a home inspector can create a detailed report in a short amount of time.

Narratives generally consists of three parts:

1) Description of the condition of the issue found in the home.
2) A paragraph describing how series this issue is, what may happen in the near future with this issue.
3) A recommendation for solution or further evaluation, how should the homeowner proceed.

Inspection Report Content

Most home inspection reports begin with an info section that gives the general information on the home like the square footage of the home and the year it was built. It usually includes the client name as well.

Many home inspection reports will also include a summary of the major issues in the home so that the reader doesn’t miss the important stuff. These will be the concerns that are safety conditions or will be costly to correct. Some inspectors use color codes on their home inspection report narratives, but some also feel it is better not to because they think it may increase their liability.

Home inspection software most times will give the inspector the option of including photos in the main body of the home inspection report, near the narrative that describes them, or pictures may be at the end of the report.

A table of contents is generally provided.

The main body of the home inspection report may be separated into sections based on the type of home system or they may be separated by an area. It often depends on the preference of the home inspector.

How to Find Houses For Sale Online

Homes For Sale in Chattanooga TN

As with everything available for sale online, the Real Estate sector also has a lot of websites and mobile applications that you can use to find homes for sale. If you search typing “House for Sale nearby,” you will see many options in front of you to choose from, where several properties will be listed. Some of the top real estate listing sites and apps are mentioned below :


This is the best website for people searching for homes for sale in Chattanooga TN. The Charlotte Mabry Team is the best group of Realtors in the Chattanooga area. Definitely a go-to website if you are from that area.


This is the official website for the National Association of Realtors and is also maybe the oldest in the game, so it probably has the most number of listings. As it is made from the aspect of real estate agents, more focus is on making you contact the agent and less on the description of the property. There are better options available, but it is an excellent place to start your search.


Zillow is currently the most widely used online platform for finding a house for sale. It has taken all the features of realtor.com and improved on them by adding more user-friendly features such as Zestimates (Estimated market value of a house) – It has an easy to use mobile application too. But the downside is that sometimes it’s not updated and may show you property as available when in fact, that house may already be under a contract. So you need to check with other websites or a real estate agent to verify the availability.


It is user friendly for people who have little or no experience in using real estate websites. It lets you search all listed properties for sale in an area by displaying all of them on a map. At the same time, you are also looking at the prices, their size, the number of bedrooms, and the main picture, all on the same page as the map.


The most recent additions to the booming real estate online market, Redfin has a very interactive mobile application for those searching to buy a house. In addition to the basic information that is listed on all other websites, it tells you straight away the number of days a specific house has been on the market for sale, which is a good thing to know.

There are so many websites that it is very easy for you to get confused about which one to trust. Also, there is that “Fine Print” that secretly tries to sneak past valuable data like Deposits, Transfer Fees, Allowed Contingencies, and a bunch of other technical information that is crucial for you to make a final choice. A Real Estate Agent or a company can come in handy in such a situation where they can provide you with accurate information, authentic status, and all the fine print details upfront. You can easily shortlist the properties that you like online using any of the above or other platforms available in the market and then call your agent to reach the best possible decision.

Proper Solutions for Maintaining Auto Glass for Years to Come

Owning an automobile comes with a lot of responsibilities and many needs for occasional maintenance are a given. Between oil changes, tire rotations, mechanical repairs, and fill-ups, the true cost of car ownership is often obscured when considering the nominal purchase price of a new or used vehicle. In many cases, insurance and repair costs can be as much as your monthly automobile payments. Because of this, it is vital that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that each and every piece of your car is properly maintained in order to avoid extra repair costs months or years from now.

One area that can be a strain on the pocketbook – but not one that many people often consider – is auto glass. We often take the protection and convenience that our auto glass provides us for granted and only worry about potential hazards after they have happened. As with any other part of an automobile, it is vital that you maintain and protect this element of your car to ensure proper operation while on the road. Thankfully, most forms of auto glass maintenance are low-cost and require minimal time to perform. In the following article, we’ll discuss some proper solutions to the problem of an auto glass maintenance and how you can maximize the lifespan of your windshield and windows.

Maintaining Consistent Visibility

While auto glass repair – windshields, in particular – are designed to reinforce the structural integrity of the vehicle and block harmful wind and debris from entering the cabin, there is a downside to its presence. The biggest obstacle is that the windshield and auto glass has to be cleaned in order to maintain visibility and ensure proper auto safety. Sometimes, we can neglect the proper cleaning of our glass due to difficulties associated with reaching all spots on the interior and exterior. There are, however, plenty of low-cost cleaning tools out there that can help you clean every nook and cranny of your auto glass.

In addition to the hazards that can exist with a dirty or partially obscured windshield, you must also be on the lookout for damage that dust and other environmental factors can cause. A dirty windshield that is cleaned via windshield wipers may actually cause minuscule scratches on the surface, leaving a haze or permanent damage that becomes especially hazardous during nighttime driving. There can also be trouble lurking around the corner if frozen precipitation is allowed to remain on your windshield; as you begin to drive, this can warm up and refreeze, causing the liquid to expand in seemingly tiny cracks across your glass. Ultimately, this process can cause fractures and cracks to form, so be sure to remove any ice or snow from your windshield before driving.

There are also several products that you can purchase to help further increase visibility in inclement conditions. The most popular of these are rain repellents, which will automatically send moisture reeling away from your field of view and ensure better performance in rain, sleet, snow, and other types of precipitation.

Avoiding Temperature Damage

The properties of any type of glass allow it to expand and contract, based on the ambient temperature. This means that your windshield will contract in colder temperatures and expand in warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, we often forget about the damage that can be caused by our vehicles’ climate control systems. Whenever you heat up your cool your air, the air being introduced into the cabin can cause stress fractures and damage to form on the windshield if the air is exposed directly to its surface causing a crack that will require a full windshield replacement in Memphis TN. Defrosters and vents pointed toward the auto glass should be angled away from it, especially when you are warming up or cooling off your car before heading from point A to point B.

Having Occasional Repairs

Some people will be lucky and will never have to repair or replace any part of their auto glass. Others, however, will suddenly spot a chip or crack on their windshield that needs to be repaired. Even if you follow the advice given prior, you may be the victim of a rogue object on the highway or inclement weather; there is no guaranteed way to avoid damage to your auto glass. If you spot damage to your windshield or windows, then you must have it dealt with as soon as possible in order to avoid costly repairs. Businesses such as Safelite have around the clock repair teams that can come to your location and perform the repairs, so you don’t have to risk driving with a damaged piece of auto glass.

Inspecting for Damage

You do not want to wait until it is too late to have the necessary repairs performed on your auto glass. For this reason, it is always a good idea to give your auto glass a look over at least once per month for any potential chips, fractures, or dings. When you are driving, you may not have the ability to examine every square inch of your glass; it is important to inspect your glass when you have the time and concentration to do so thoroughly. If you find a damaged area, then you can quickly make arrangements for an auto glass technician to repair it and avoid more costly replacements.


A little bit of maintenance can go a long way. Your windshield and auto glass are designed to protect you, but you must look out for its safety in order for it to do the same. You can maximize the lifespan of your glass by making sure to inspect for damage at periodic intervals, having occasional repairs performed when needed, avoiding rapid variations in temperature from your climate control, and maintaining consistent visibility by cleaning and weatherproofing your windshield. These simple tips will ensure a much longer lifespan for your auto glass and keep you safe while behind the wheel.